Jew agent accounts on Gab

Gab proudly proclaims that they don’t censor, and they don’t, that we know of. However, they have hundreds of accounts with tens if thousands of followers, most likely fake, and tens of thousands of Gabs, that constantly are in the Gab Explore daily. This suggests we have shadow banning going on, or that we have artificial tinkering with the likes.

Will include dozens of these Jew banker agents on here, for your consideration. They need to be called out. You can easily identify them, as they nearly all proclaim to be Christian, they are all anonymous, to avoid detection, if you ask them who they are, they will throw a temper tantrum and complain about being doxxed.

They nearly all say they are defenders of the Constitution, that they support the First and Second Amendment, that they are Trump supporters, that the Democrats and left are evil.

And they have no deeds to back it up. When you look to their personal lives for proof they are about what they say, there is no proof. They are likely Mossad agents sitting in Tel Aviv laughing at how gullible the Goyim are.

Here are some of the biggest frauds and liars, though there are thousands on Gab.

These accounts all act independent, but they are all coordinating efforts.

Will add to list periodically.

1) @morpheusmaga

21,000 Gabs, 27,000 followers.

2) @deovindice59

16,000 Gabs, 4,300 followers

3) @trumplongtimepatriot

37,000 Gabs, 11,000 followers

4) @mar1ee

17,000 Gabs, 5,700 followers

5) @cynthia_holt

89,000 Gabs, 18,000 followers

6) @trumpylatinotoo

81,000 Gabs, 5,800 followers

7) Rick Meisinger


14,000 Gabs, 10,700 followers

Total Page Visits: 1894 - Today Page Visits: 2

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