Brilliant “Antisemitic” Movie Flew Under the Radar

The movie “An Education” (2009) 
is a metaphor for the corruptionof Christian (Western) civilization 
by Organized Jewry. 
Too bad the goyim are incapable 
of learning this lesson.

Updated from Dec. 29, 2010by Henry Makow PhD

I was prepared to pan this movie which I thought treated  an affair between a teenage girl and an older man as “An Education.” 

But I had badly misjudged. The movie is a brilliant metaphor for the corruption of Christian (Western) civilization by Organized Jewry, 
as projected in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It should have been called “A Seduction.” 

The majority of critics missed this and gave the film an 84% positive rating. It was nominated for Best Picture and Best Actress Oscars in 2009. However, it won neither as the largely Jewish Oscar committee must have cottoned on to its real message. 

“An Education” is a rare movie that doesn’t patronize Jews. It’s well aware that, while many Jews are decent and honest people, a segment consists of pathological liars, satanists, thieves and perverts. Unfortunately these Illuminati  (Masonic) Jews seem to have leadership positions. 


Art captures the universal in the particular.


 Here, the seducer is a Jew, a petty crook, David Goldman, played by Peter Sarsgaard.  He is the classic smooth talker, as you can see from this YouTube clip. 

Jenny is a bright, precocious non-Jewish schoolgirl played by Carey Mulligan in her break-out role.  She and her parents see marriage to the flamboyant Goldman as a path to security, sidestepping an arduous and expensive Oxford education. 

Jenny doesn’t just give her body for the “glamorous” life he offers; she gives her soul. Her mother and father also compromise themselves.

Goldman’s behavior is a reminder that Jews were in the vanguard of crime in England. They have been called “gypsies with brains and money.” Jenny witnesses  how Goldman and a friend steal a painting.  

Jenny is ready to leave him but he wins her over by saying, “People like us (Jews) aren’t as sharp as you and we have to cut corners in order to finance the night clubs and trips to Paris.” 

She agrees to look the other way, anxious to escape from her stifling 1961 London suburban lifestyle.  Later, when he betrays her, she reproaches his Jewish friend. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?”


“Well if you want to have that conversation,” he says. “You saw us stealing and you looked the other way.” (You are complicit in your own corruption. Ouch.)

She lies to her parents but they couldn’t reproach her either. “Goldman” had compromised them with gifts and flattery as well. 

Jenny’s fall symbolizes a society seduced by money, sex, war profit and lies. 

The only people Goldman didn’t take in were her teacher and headmistress. The teacher refuses her gift of Chanel perfume saying that she would not condone Jenny’s degradation. 

The headmistress, played by Emma Thompson, is portrayed as an “anti-Semite” but she is the moral center of this film.

“The Jews killed Jesus,” she tells Jenny. 

“But Jesus was a Jew,” Jenny replies. 

“Yes. Jews betrayed themselves by rejecting Jesus and now we imitate them,” the headmistress should have replied but didn’t, indicating the Christian’s own confusion.

Jesus represents the universal God of love. “Love thy brother.”

By murdering Jesus, the Pharisees and Cabalists rebelled against God. They made Jews metaphysical outcasts like Lucifer.  They’re their own God. Their leaders presume to redefine reality and makes the laws.

Judaism is defined by Cabalism, the view that Cabalists were Chosen to inherit the world and redefine reality. It is a solipsism and mask for secular humanism, Satanism and ultimately Communism. That’s why you don’t need to believe in God to be “Jewish.” That’s why Christians are persecuted by so-called “secular” society. 

Secular society has no moral legitimacy because it is self-created reality instead actual reality. It is a solipsism (like jiggling a key ring over a baby’s crib.) That’s why it devolves into tyranny, the tyranny of the matrix.  God, the ultimate reality – consists of spiritual ideals like Truth, love and beauty. 
It’s no coincidence that David Goldman is the wrong kind of Jew.  Masonic Jews promote “sexual liberation,” homosexuality, pornography and other ways of undermining the Gentile as well as other Jews. 


As Masonic Grand Master Giuseppe Mazzini, left, (1805-1872) said, “we corrupt in order to govern. We have taken from the people all the gods of heaven and earth…their religious faith, their faith in monarchy, their honesty and their family virtues.”     


Critics totally sidestep the Jewish subject matter. In one sense, that’s positive. Antisemitism is a red herring. Everyone knows there are good and bad Jews. On the other hand, they are missing the point of the movie.

Illuminati Jews and Freemasons are deliberately undermining social values and institutions under the guise of feminism, liberalism, socialism, and communism. 
“An Education” is a metaphor for this corruption. Jenny represents the new generation. 
After her first experience of sex, she says, “I can’t believe they make so much fuss about that.”

To her Headmistress she says, “What is the point of all this studying? You had better prepare an answer next time a student asks.”

“An Education” lays bare the plight of a civilization cut adrift from its spiritual moorings. Organized Jewry and Freemasonry are agents of the central banking cartel and its agenda for world government tyranny.  The New World Order is a solipsism, an attempt to evade Reality (God) and replace it with illusion (Lucifer.)

It’s inspiring that such a movie could be made today.


Note: The only other movie I have seen that has an unattractive Jewish character is “The Upside of Anger”(2005), featuring another cradle robber.   

“An Education” is based on a memoir by Lynn Barber. The brilliant screenplay is by novelist Nick Hornby. The Director is a woman, born in Denmark, Lone Scherfig. Amazingly, it was made partly by BBC Films.

Modernism as Heresy by Bill Borst 

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