One woman named Dr. Jennifer Rubin tweeted this recently: “This is the daycare costs for two children in Seattle during the month of July. Please tell me how grad students and postdocs are able to afford childcare.” The cost is $5,922.00. Then many responded to her about other countries giving mothers up to two years of paid leave and free childcare.

Jennifer also retweeted this by Dr. Sarah Odell: “I would like to remind everyone that while childcare is important to a gender equitable future, so is elder care. Millennials’ parents are again rapidly and women end up with the majority of that burden as well. Gender inclusive policy includes all care work.”

Jennifer also shared a tweet by Annie Handler: “How are we so far behind in this country? How are we back where we were 50 years ago? The leaked opinion draft by the Supreme Court on Roe v Wade emphasizes how little this country and its leadership values the worth and health of women, mothers, and children.

The final tweet she shared was by Nina Strohminger: “Some people say we should leave abortion rights up to the states. I say, why stop there? Why not leave it up to counties, cities, neighborhoods, or – and this would be really fun – individual people?”

I don’t follow any Leftists on my social media sites. I don’t know how I saw Jennifer Rubin’s first tweet which took me down this feminist rabbit hole, but it’s depressing to see how far we have come as a nation. Hello, the real cost of working mothers is enormous!

First of all, they are fighting for free child care which puts a far heavier burden upon all tax payers. Next, they want free elder care which will add to the heavy burden. Then, they want free health care and abortions (as if abortions are health care). So instead of mothers living at home simply and frugally caring for their own children and helping with aged parents, they want all of you to pay higher taxes and have strangers raising their children and helping with their parents. They also want you to pay for health care and their abortions so children won’t interfere with their career lifestyle.

Jennifer did say she worked for her health insurance. What happened to husbands working for insurance so their wives could be home doing what God has called them to do? The problem is that she probably has a lot of debt from her schooling and now makes a lot of money that her husband doesn’t want to give up but if they sat down and figured out how much she actually brought home after taxes, childcare, and everything else it costs her to work and the inability for her to be at home, they would most likely figure out it is not worth it at all.

So what is the real cost of working mothers? Higher taxes. Children being raised in daycares. The elderly being cared by strangers. And the ultimate evil that has come from the career mentality, women have are abortions; mothers having their own children murdered. The cost is FAR too high.

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
1 Timothy 5:14

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