Headlines for Dec 28, 2001

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Alex Jones reads the riot act to Traitor Donald Trump


 The PCR Test will be withdrawn December 31, 2021. Unsurprisingly, not peep from the MSM. 

Stew Peters’ Interview with David Martin explains everything you wanted to know about the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel’s Conspiracy to Vaccinate you to Death with the help of politicians and the corrupt media.Violations of Domestic Terrorism under the Patriot Act for producing a Bioweapon.  Are you listening Fauci?  Trump?  Biden?  Bill Gates? Rochelle Walensky?  Attorney General Merrick Garland?


Paris- Police interrupt movie to cheque patron’s vax passports

Exposed!! 3-Year-Old Girl Dies One Day After Getting Covid-19 Vaccine!!




Insider- Google blacklists thousands of websites

Chaim Walder, popular Orthodox Jewish author accused of sexual abuse, found dead in suspected suicide


22 women testified against him

95% of NFL players, 97% of NBA players, and nearly 100% of NHL players are vaccinated. Yet all three sports leagues continue to set all time covid case highs. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt Biden’s claim that if everyone was vaccinated covid would go away is a lie.
150,000 Holocaust survivors to receive $200M in emergency COVID-19 funding

About 150,000 Jewish victims of Nazi persecution are set to receive emergency funding of approximately $1,400 per person from Germany in the coming days, according to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

They would have to be over 98 years old to be legitimate Holocaust survivors because presumably children didn’t make it.


Program for Orthodox LGBTQ youth gets $1 million to expand nationwide

Jewish Queer Youth plans new drop-in centers in New Jersey, Baltimore, Chicago and South Florida.

Why is there such relentless urgency to vaccinate 100% of the population with an experimental vaccination containing nanomaterial?

A Summary of the Ongoing Research of the Multidisciplinary Scientific Team Associated with the LA QUINTA COLUMNA Platform.

The narrative is going to flip and they’re going to say, oops we made a mistake. We’re sorry millions had to die


CDC Admits That the Covid Pandemic Was the Product of an Inappropriate Test

South Koreans are reportedly taking to the streets to protest their governments’ refusal to acknowledge thousands of deaths that many believe were caused by vaccines.


The depopulation smoking gun: Alarming charts show the number Of Americans ‘vaxxed’ aligns ominously with Deagel’s forecast depopulation numbers for 2025


Shocking VAERS DATA (Jab Injuries/Deaths) Nears 1 Million, Underreported 4-5X – Dr. Peter McCullough [VIDEO]



Ordinary Jews aren’t being spared the Sabbatean Frankist (Satanist) Assault 

Israel Starts 4th Covid Dose Trial While Pushing Booster On Children 12 & Up
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Meanwhile, boosted PM Bennett hastily departed a Sunday cabinet meeting to quarantine after his vaccinated daughter caught Covid…



Martin Armstrong- The Sovereign Debt Crisis Arrives


Northern Truthseeker- The REAL Reason They Want To Give COVID-19 KILL SHOTS To Children: It Is So Diabolical!

People everywhere must wake the fuck up and see what is happening here, and hopefully with enough awareness we can still save our children as our children ARE our future..


—Pandemic of vaccinated in Canada–Numbers so high the government refuses to divulge numbers 


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