Delta And Omicron Caused By The Jab? Tripled Jabbed Are 4.5x More Likely To Test Positive For Omicron Than Unjabbed

According to figures released by the UK government via the Office for National Statistics, people who are triple vaxxed are 4.5 times more likely to test positive for Omicron than those who are unvaccinated.

The numbers also illustrate how the double-vaccinated are 2.3 times more likely to be infected with Omicron than those who haven’t taken any jabs.

The data, which is summarized by the Daily Sceptic’s Will Jones in this article, bolsters assertions that the Omicron variant is effective at evading vaccines.

“Note that this is the probability of an infection being Omicron given a person is infected, so it doesn’t tell us how likely a person is to test positive in the first place,” writes Jones.

“This means it doesn’t tell us that the vaccines are making things worse overall, only that they are making it much more likely that a vaccinated person is infected with Omicron than another variant.

“In other words, it is a measure of how well Omicron evades the vaccines compared to Delta. The fact that the triple-vaccinated are much more likely to be infected with Omicron than the double-vaccinated confirms this vaccine evading ability.”

omicron epidemic of the vaccinated

Jones concludes from the data that, “The current Omicron outbreak is largely an epidemic of the vaccinated and is being driven, not by the unvaccinated, but by those who have been double and triple jabbed.”

The numbers completely demolish claims that the Omicron outbreak is a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’.

And it was the same story with Delta:
1. CDC Releases Study Showing 3/4 Delta Cases Are Among The Vaccinated.
2. Latest Data: Mortality Rate From Delta Variant About EIGHT TIMES Higher In ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Individuals.
3. Latest UK Data: Vaccinated People 3-Times More Likely To Die From Delta Variant Than Unvaccinated.

As Will Jones also documents in this piece, claims that NHS hospitals are being overwhelmed by the unvaccinated aren’t backed by any actual evidence.

Despite this, over the weekend UK Health Secretary blasted unvaccinated people for taking up hospital beds, telling them they “must really think about the damage they are doing to society.”

UK scientists will today present evidence that the Omicron variant is milder than previous strains of COVID-19, something that health experts in South Africa have been saying for weeks.

Top Russian Scientist: Omicron Strain ‘Could End COVID Pandemic’ – Precisely What Big Pharma & ‘Elites’ Don’t Want to Happen.


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