Resist school indoctrination of children, meeting with Constitution Party and Don Grundman in Modesto, November 11th

Dear Parents and Grandparents,
Help your family and friends to awaken to the Social Indoctrination and sexualization to the deliberate dumbing down of our Beautiful American children, these government centers of the Anti-Christ System are literally destroying our precious children mentally, academically, morally, and even emotionally, physically and spiritually. Don’t let your child or grandchild be victimized any longer!
Do Not Comply with Tyranny at any point. It is Your Right, it is Your Duty to establish what our founders called Lawful governance.
The Constitution party members and friends attend our meetings to hear what is happening in our schools and we are all pushing back against unconstitutional mandates!
We also want to give options for Home Education and have invited three Seasoned, Veteran Homeschool Mothers to give you their encouragement, ideas, knowledge, experience and guidance. They represent many years of a high calling. They will each bring helpful and inspiring information. They will remain for your specific needs and questions as needed.
Our Schools are in Crisis and we can establish alternatives for kids we are responsible for. Encourage new homeschooling parents and friends who are considering this alternative to tyranny.
We will meet on Thursday, November 11, 2021 at Mimis Cafe in Modesto at 6pm for a fellowship time and dinner. (AN ORDER FOR A MEAL OR DESSERT 🍨 allows us the use of the banquet room)*
We will begin promptly at 7PM as to finish up by 8:30.
***Please share this with your friends and family.
Our Special Speakers will include Veteran 🏡 Homeschool Teachers Susan Brock, Joyce Lin-Davies and Tonya Moes, also a presentation by Don Grundmann, Chairman of the California State Constitution Party.
You will be blessed.
Please RSVP as soon as possible to 209 495 9187.
Limited seating.

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