RCMP Sniper Rejects Mandatory Vaccines

Knowing his job is on the line, Daniel Bulford, a member of Justin Trudeau’s personal protection detail, breaks ranks and organizes against mandatory vaccines. 
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Corporal Daniel Bulford, an RCMP sniper whose main job is to protect PM Justin Trudeau, has spoken out against the federal vaccine mandate in an interview with Keean Bexte

Cpl. Bulford is the spokesman for Mounties For Freedom , a group of RCMP officers opposing the vaccine mandate whose letter to the commissioner Brenda Lucki has gathered over 38,000 signatures.

Bulford was already concerned about the suppression of dissenting experts, widespread censorship, as well as the refusal to allow proven and effective early treatments for covid such as ivermectin, but the vaccine mandate has “crossed his line in the sand”.  

He is not only refusing to comply but also calling out Justin Trudeau’s illegal and unconstitutional mandates and divisive rhetoric against people who do not want the vaccine.

Not opposed to vaccination in general, Bulford has taken many different vaccines for disease such as yellow fever to be able to travel for his job.  However, after investigating the covid-19 vaccines he has concluded that they are neither effective nor safe and is willing to lose his job rather than risk having a severe adverse reaction to the vaccine.


(Daniel Bulford, left)

He refuses to participate in authoritarian-type behaviour and encourages other RCMP members not to enforce unjust measures which result in nonsense like arresting parents watching their kids play hockey or people gathering in a house for a holiday.
Not only are vaccine mandates and passports far more about control and compliance than public health, but Bulford believes the RCMP in particular is being targeted.  

Around 2/3 of federal public servants are exempt from the vaccine mandate but as he explains, “if you control a national police force you can control a population”.

Bulford’s job does not even involve contact with the public.  He is typically on top of buildings armed with a sniper rifle and looking out for security threats to the prime minister, whereas mailmen go to everyone’s door yet are exempt from the vaccine mandate.

In his view, the vaccine mandate is being used to weed out those officers who would ask questions and not blindly follow orders.

Like many other unions, the RCMP’s union is not willing to support unvaccinated members and will not oppose the vaccine mandate.  As a result, 10-20% of RCMP officers are facing job loss.

Canadians who don’t want to live in an authoritarian country need to refuse to comply with illegal and unconstitutional demands, organize with others who oppose vaccine mandates and passports, and support those who are standing up for everyone’s rights.

Legal battles are only beginning, with lawsuits over vaccine passports in several provinces and a recent court injunction to stop nurses from being fired at a hospital network in Toronto.  

Vaccination deadlines for healthcare workers in Alberta and Quebec as well as Toronto public transit workers have been pushed back because the system would fall apart if they fired so many people.

This fight is far from over, and you can be sure that Trudeau will hear more from Corporal Bulford and other RCMP officers if he follows through on his threat to fire them for refusing the vaccine.

You can sign the petition here: (mounties4freedom.ca)


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  1. when is the RCMP going to investage these people who illegally put in these mandates,we the people of Canada want to see these people that is reposonable for these mandates pay for their crimes against us..its against our constitution and charter of rights and freedoms..WEF that nazi Klaus scwab should be arrested,kissinger ,trudope,Dr Tam,Dr Henry,the provincial government etc ..these people are going along with the NWO and their agenda 21..its all illegal and we are no slaves to them either.. i think our death penalty should be re-instated and these Globalists Satanic Elites should be executed and their assets seized for Crimes against Humanity..,.and the Children..[they murder children for their sacrifices and take their blood for Andrenochrome…sick bastards

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