“The creative mind finds it difficult to smile in the midst of drudgery. The difference between a smile and a gripe is not the circumstance, but the point of view. To the rancher it’s a useless place to raise cattle; to the oil man it’s a treasure trove. To the tired mother, repeating the same chores day after day, struggling to keep peace with the children, aware of her fading youth and her failure to have achieved the self-expression she expected, wishing for romance that died too quickly, today is just another burden to be borne; whereas to the mother with a vision for eternity, today is an opportunity to be God’s nanny, teaching His kids to honor Him. She doesn’t carry the burden of personal ambition.

“Borrowed worries can leave us pulling God’s load, probably in a direction He would never take it. My Daddy used to say that he found life difficult until he resigned as chairman of the universe. The common laborer smiles while his boss pulls his hair out. If you’re not running the company, but assuming the responsibility anyway, you may never find rest. The song says, ‘Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.’ If you look at the quality of your trust, your smile may vanish, but if you look to the success of Him whom you trust, there will always be more than enough motivation to smile.” (Written by Michael Pearl)

Too many women these days carry a burden they were never meant to carry. All of their lives, they are told they can be and do whatever they want to do. They can be an astronaut, be a CEO, or even become President. “Yes, young women, go get your college degrees and maybe a master’s or doctorate, then pursue a career. Work five days a week away from home. Forget about having a family or if you have one, forget being with them often. Your worth is far more important than being a wife and mother!”

This is why women view being a wife and mother as drudgery. They’ve been programmed their entire lives to not be a wife and mother. If they are wives and mothers, they feel like they’re missing out on something grand.

An older woman came up to me at church this past Sunday. She was sure she knew me from somewhere. After exploring all the possibilities of knowing each other in the past, I told her about my presence on social media. Then I told her that all I ever wanted to do was be a wife and mother at home. She exclaimed, “You’re the first woman who has openly admitted this to me!” I then explained to her that this is what I teach on social media. I yell this as loud as I can to all who have an ear to hear!

Dear women, your God-ordained ministry is in the home. Your focus and work needs to be there. While you are serving and loving your husband and children and working hard in your home, you are loving, serving, and working hard for the Lord. There’s no where else that He wants you to be. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it can be monotonous, but it’s all in your thinking. Don’t be conformed to this world any longer, but be transformed by renewing your minds with Truth. Find joy in all of your activities in your home. Count your blessings! Loving one’s family and one’s God is what life is all about! You are blessed. Be thankful and content. Hand all of your worries and discontent to the Lord. He’s the One in control. Trust Him.

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.
Colossians 3:23

Finding It Difficult To Smile in Drudgery

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