South Africa – Is Food the Real Target of Riots?


72 looters Dead
Unlike the United States, in South Africa looters are not lionized and victims are not forced to sit on their hands. 


Video– Looting of Stores and Warehouses——— Food Shortages; Police Caught Looting————— South Africa “Crumbles” Despite Military Intervention——— Rioters Target Critical Infrastructureby DB(
SA in a state of emergency

On the 12th of July 2021 violent protests which turned into mass looting and pillaging erupted all over South Africa.
The narrative they hold onto as to being the reason for these acts was the imprisonment of our former president Jacob Zuma. These riots quickly descended into chaos as the protestors began targeting large malls and grocery stores and tore them apart looting and then burning them.
It has been noted within certain circles and it is believed that the theft of electrical appliances and other useless merchandise is a cover up for the real target – the infrastructure which ensures food distribution.
The average citizen in our country has food for three days and already close friends of mine in Kwazulu Natal have run out of food and are relying on parcels being delivered to them; and not only food but now there is now no fuel as the mob has stolen all the fuel in Durban (they literally are syphoning fuel out of the tanks under the ground) which renders the populace unable to get out.
Warehouses have been burned down and countless trucks halted and burned. The local citizenry which includes blacks, whites, coloured and Indians have formed their own vigilanties and have had to take the law into their own hands as the police cannot cope with the mounting unrest.
It’s incredible that Bheki Cele our Minister of the police himself tried recently to pass legislative law which prohibited the renewal of firearm licenses for the use of self defence recently (makes you think there was some sort of plan here in the making) advising all citizens to turn in their weapons for there safety – clearly, that will not happen anymore.
The police over the past decade have been weakened and broken down. Some police officers themselves have been cornered by vigilante groups and have been caught with looted merchandise and groceries in their vehicles while in UNIFORM !!
Threats have been made over social media that if Jacob Zuma is not released that farm murders (white and black farmers) will increase putting our authorities in an awkward position.
The people that suffer the most ironically are the looters themselves as they lie dying from bullet and panga wounds inflicted by people who are fed up with this barbaric outburst.
Some people in retaliation have even started burning squatter camps where they believe Zuma supporters live.
All the taxi unions have united in some sort confederation and in thier own words have promised to assist the police and “deal with looters” in their own. When these Africans speak like this they mean what that say.
Even in this turmoil there seems to be a light at the end of this tunnel as resistance has been fierce which clearly shows that South Africans will not tolerate the mob anymore. They have revealed their hand and their motives for their actions therefore disqualifying themselves from getting a sympathetic ear from the public ever again.

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