French Style Reign of Terror has Started in America

By Andrew C Wallace

You should be afraid, very afraid because you could lose everything of value, your life, your freedom and the food to feed your family. Forget all government assistance, it will no longer exist. Since public schools and media in the inner city plantations  are worthless I must give those residents some historical  context.

Working people have always been exploited by the so called nobility. Today, they are the super rich who acquired their wealth by business genius, luck, inheritance or crime. Our founders came to America to escape life in Europe, now our cities are Europe. The Bank of England and the nobility  tried to maintain  an economic advantage over the colonies just like they did over the English people. This led to American Revolution in 1775.

We defeated the British, but from that day forward we have been beset with Communists, bankers and the super rich; who have unconstitutionally concentrated powers  in the federal government that are powers reserved for the states.

Much of the wealth of the super rich has been stolen from the government and from the people using the unconstitutional private Federal Reserve Bank, bribed elected officials and Tax Free Foundations et al.

The government is printing unlimited sums of fiat money, giving a small portion to the people and the rest to banks and for boondoggles. like the green new deal. Government is paying people not to work causing severe shortages, inflation  and an economic decline when the money is gone. Printing money without corresponding productivity is causing high inflation. In stores its Communism lite with limited and falling inventory. Very costly uncontrolled illegal immigration and money printing must destroy our economy. The private Federal Reserve Bank and our currency are unconstitutional.

Now to the real scary stuff. The French People wanted freedom and a decent living, but the nobles owned and controlled everything. Poor people paid all the taxes, nobles paid nothing, just like our super rich. The French wanted to get freedom and we want to keep ours.

The French saw America get freedom. The French Revolution was from 1789-1799. The Reign of Terror took place in 1793.There were 16,694 death sentences and 40,000 murders. First they killed the nobles, then they killed each other and anyone else they didn’t like. It was a terrible blood bath, they drowned people, shot cannons into tied up people, hung people, shot them and cut off heads. Food was rationed to 1/4 OZ of bread per day, people starved. I would expect similar problems in our inner city plantations. God bless those poor people of whatever color, who have been indoctrinated by media and schools to be useful idiots and live a life in fear and poverty.

I love women for their caring and nurturing. I will appreciate an attractive woman until I die. But some women have a really dark emotional fanatical side. Any policeman knows this. The French saw this in mobs of crazed blood thirsty women who killed. I don’t think it will be different here. You only need to observe some of the obscene and ignorant women in congress.

The super rich and their paid off minions in media, corporations, government, academia et al. were petrified when President Donald Trump ran on a platform of America first. The super rich went crazy when he was elected and kept his promises. The elites wanted open borders, he closed them. The elites were in bed with China for money, to hell with Americans, and President Trump put a stop to it. President Trump put a stop to funding the climate change scam. He made Europe pay their fair share for defense and treat us fairly in trade. He tried to bring our troops home and end wars of no importance to us. He rebuilt the military and gave them proper rules of engagement et al. President Trump promoted energy independence thereby raising the lifestyle of all Americans. The military industrial complex hated President Trump because he was reducing their profits from no win wars not vital to our security.

At present our Constitutional republic has been overthrown. The Communist pretenders must know that power from insurrection has no power to govern. Marxist thugs in the employ of corporate America have burned and looted Democrat cities. Democrat governors, mayors, and prosecutors were complicit and refused to stop it for political reasons. The DOJ and FBI did nothing, but what could you expect of the largest criminal organization in the world. They did arrest hundreds of Republicans for trespassing on January  6 ,putting many in solitary confinement . We now find out that the FBI had 20 people there who participated in the activity. It was a scam. No surprise, the FBI is known for using entrapment, whenever it is required to get people to violate the law so they can get headlines. The FBI is good at one thing, public relations. We would have no major problems  if the DOJ and FBI were not complicit and corrupt When  politicians lie to your face about everything like the green new deal you know they are ignorant, corrupt or both. Follow the Communist renewable energy scam and you end up with a shortage of electricity like in California and Texas. Large scale use of electric vehicles is impossible because we don’t have either the generating capacity or the distribution network.

With most everyone in government paid off and being either anti-American or a coward it was easy to frame President Trump and not follow his orders. The super rich and their minions are so scared of President Trump that they did everything to defeat him including an insurrection by an unconstitutional election with unlimited fraud.

This can only end one way, large scale bloodshed, mass destruction and the end of all government services. The military is useless because a determined guerrilla force can’t be defeated in the field. I would expect the super rich who control everything and have 85% of the money to be really nasty. They are Communists after all, Mao killed 100 million of his own people and Stalin killed 40 million. I would expect no less from our Communists. But when our people are pushed to the wall with nothing to lose that’s when you get a Reign of Terror.

Like the French, we have our share of compliant useful idiot pansies, but everyone else is armed to the teeth and dedicated to preserving freedom and Constitutional rights. Citizens in other countries do not have our birthright of freedom nor the weapons to defend it.

This paper was written to inform both sides of the dire consequences of Treason. I have a faint hope that the super rich, their minions and the Communists will return our Constitutional Republic to the people. The alternative is too terrible to contemplate.

French Style Reign of Terror has Started in America

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