Amanda Vollmer, ND — People Getting the Jab are Mentally Ill

June 16, 2021


“These are people that are not maturing, they are not learning their lessons and they have no skill set to grow with. They’re duds, and it’s hard for us to watch that because these duds are murdering their own children, these duds are destroying our society right in front of us….”

The Cult of Shadow,By Doug Plumb
Amanda Vollmer,  a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine has the clearest and relevant expression of what is going on. it’s very popular on Bitchute. It’s the best expression I have heard yet. What we are seeing is directly in line with the works of the very famous literary G.K. Chesterton, in 1950’s and what Ted Gundersen, ex FBI head in L.A. came out in the early 2000’s as well as many many other sources of nearly equal credibility regarding the satanic abuse of children. Don’t listen to people like gatekeepers like Jordan Peterson who writes this evil off as nonsense in his interview with Bari Weiss.

Listen to her message:
“I’m gearing my message toward those who are not been swept up by the psychological operation that’s been underway, not just this year with the plandemik, but also for years and years building to this moment in time to help you feel better about the fact that people have slowly had their minds altered over decades, really decades.
It’s not something that’s happened overnight and it’s something that has been planned quite deeply. To help people wake up out of their deep deep hypnosis and it is hypnosis, I would suggest you study a few things, Larken Rose’s “A Candle In The Dark.”
The deeply mind controlled are locked inside of themselves to the point where if they see anything – other information that doesn’t fit with the narrative they have been sold, all they have is to delete you or mock you…these people are like in a mental asylum. They might look like they are functioning, running their jobs, having children, they are going through the motions but they are mentally very very sick people. They will project this onto you and say that you are crazy and you are mentally ill. This is classically what happens with narcissists and people with severe personality disorders.”
“Now imagine that they grew up with illusions, like vaccines are safe,…like you catch bugs through the air, or that everything is caused by a virus or a genetic issue or the doctor is God and you should just listen to them…. the government is good for you, all of these lies they believe their whole life and they are very clever in their mental illness to ensure throughout their lives that none of the (true) information gets in.
Any contradictory information- they will immediately dismiss it, they will never entertain the other side..they will always come first with the illusion and this is why the psyop now has worked so well on them. This is why they are boasting, so proud of their behaviors, that they are good little citizen-slaves, good little robots, they don’t question anything that comes out of the government, don’t question medical doctors, they have been trained to be obedient slaves, they will never ascend, they will never ever have their souls saved, they are lost, they are God lost sheep; that’s who they are; they’re arrogant and they are full of themselves…and they are shallow; they are empty. There is nothing of depth inside of them…”
“These duds are going along with tyrannical behaviours of corrupt institutions that have been long held by essentially “Free” Masons” and those above “Free” Masons and they don’t even know what that is…. This is how lost and gone these empty shells are, and it’s very very sad but unfortunately, they have had many opportunities to awaken and many opportunities to learn something else along the way,…. these individuals chose to remain ignorant…as if they were saving life itself. Do you see how demented they are? how they are so warped in their thinking? They are literally jumping off a cliff…. and squealing with glee as if they are saving all of us. This is how mentally ill these people are..”
“As much as we are angry with them because they are the ones that are destroying everything that we hold dear and beautiful in this world, it is because of them that we are losing our societies, that we are being ushered into communism, that everything is falling apart around us, it is because of their compliance.
It’s ultimately on them, however, they are too stupid, too gone to even know what they are doing, so forgive them, they know not what they do, and we let them go and when they die in the fall … we will have less of the brainwashed masses to contend with, but what this means for us is that the illusion will be spun yet again, and they will try to make it our fault.
They are already doing huge campaigns to try to make those of us who are awake, who know about their lies, who know about the lies of the Germ Theory, and know that there never was a virus and that there never can be such a thing, and those of us who understand that evil has been ruling this place for a very long time…..”
“This is the Zombie Apocalypse. Do zombies know they are Zombies? Of course not”

“They have manufactured consent for hundreds of years…”
The video continues for another 11 minutes, see The Cult of Shadow
I thought maybe everyone was just being compliant to try and win a free trip to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island to maybe get a chance to sip Mai-Tia’s and sample children with Epstein and Kevin Spacey, but I think she is right – to an extent. (If you think Epstein is really dead, I have a bridge for sale) There are others with children and jobs they depend on, what can they do? What advice can anyone give these parents of small children?

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