Written By Joseph Spurgeon

Years ago, the Beatles sang “All we need is love.” This is the mantra of our day. We love to talk about love. We say love is love, love wins, love everybody, and wearing a mask is love. We also despise, dare I say hate, hatred. We have crimes against hate, the internet police to police hate speech, and signs that say, “love trumps hate.” Some people even get uncomfortable if anyone uses the word hate.

But the problem is, we don’t know what love is, because we refuse to hate. I say we refuse to hate but that’s not entirely true. We all have a lot of ungodly hatred. Furthermore, by refusing to have holy hatred, we don’t actually love what we say we love but end up showing hatred for it.

Let me put it another way, you can’t love something if you don’t hate. If you truly love something or someone you will hate whatever may seek to destroy or harm what you love.

If you truly love your wife, you will come to despise, to abhor, to hate pornography, feminism, and your sinful lusts.

If you truly love your children, you will despise, abhor, and hotly hate pedophilia, the Darwinian, secular humanist, and LGBT+ agendas being aimed at them daily, and the lack of respect for godly authority in our society.

If you love your church, you will despise, abhor, and hate the critical race theory nonsense being taught from seminaries and false teachers. You will hate those who seek to divide the church with their lusts, cowardice, pride, and heresies. You will hate false professors who refuse to stand for Christ because they want to be loved by the world.

If you love your country, you will despise, abhor, and hate the collusion between big business, big tech, and big government. You will hate ungodly ideologies of communism, feminism, and sexual revolution. You will hate political parties that openly despise the country’s founding and political hacks that refuse to stand up against the enemies of the country both foreign and domestic.

If you love God, then you will despise, abhor, and hate the enemies of God and in particular how your own sin made you his enemy and cost the blood of Jesus on the cross. If you love God you will despise, abhor, and hate all falsehood you are tempted to believe, all pride that you harbor, and all of your own hypocrisy. You will hate to hear his beautiful, righteous, and holy name used as a mere curse word. If you love Jesus, you will hate anything or anyone that would keep you from Him.

If you love God you will hate what he hates. No one can say they love someone or something and then be indifferent to or like that which stands in complete opposition to what they love. You can’t say you love God while refusing to hate what he hates.

Friends, the world has always called Christian’s haters, even in the days of the church fathers. And you know what, God calls us to be haters too. So here is my invitation to you, join the world’s largest hate group, Christianity. Be a hater and do so because you are filled to the brim with love for God and for your neighbor.

I love you all.

Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good.
Romans 12:9

All We Need is Love?

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