Helga Zepp-LaRouche — Central Banks Plan Permanent Lockdown & Genocide

November 27, 2020 


(Helga Zepp-Larouche,72, is Lyndon Larouche’s widow, and head of his movement.) Seventy-five years after World War II, the world is threatened with a new fascist dictatorship. It comes in the form of an attempt by the City of London, Wall Street, and various leading central banks to consolidate total control over all financial investments for the benefit of the super-rich at the expense of the middle-classes and the poor worldwide. The “ecological transition” they peddle signifies a destructive financial takeover of economies, with the “green” color being but the banner of their purpose to loot.

This article appears in theNovember 27, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence ReviewThis call was issued as a resolution by the Schiller Institute, on November 19.

For a Worldwide Resistance To Global Fascism: Stop the Central Bank Takeover
by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

They call it the “Great Reset.”
Under the pretext of rebuilding the world economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, the top private bankers and billionaires intend to implement a “regime change,” whereby monetary and fiscal policy is no longer to be decided by elected governments, but by the private central banks and leading financial players directly.
In this final phase of the decades-long neo-Malthusian policy in favor of speculators, they would consolidate ultimate control over all investments and channel them entirely into “green technologies,” thus cutting off all investment in the productive sectors of high-tech energy, industry, agriculture, and infrastructure.
If this scheme, promoted by the World Economic Forum with a series of “Great Reset” conferences, succeeds, it will mean the end of the industrialized nations of the so-called advanced sector, and the death of literally millions, and then billions, of people in the developing countries.
There is a direct relationship between the productivity of an economy, including the energy-flux density of its productive processes, and the number of human beings that it can sustain.
If the entire world economy is “decarbonized,” in what Hans Joachim Schellnhuber and his associates already years ago called the “Great Transformation of the World Economy,” including the exit from nuclear energy and nuclear research, then the number of people who can be sustained will scarcely be more than one billion. What about the other seven billion? This approach, if not reversed, can only lead to chaos and a new world war.
An integral part of the “Great Reset” is the plan to introduce the digitization of currencies and cryptocurrencies. This shift would allow the total surveillance of all personal data in any field of economic activity, completing what is already ongoing with the surveillance by the NSA and GCHQ.
If society continues to operate for the benefit of a privileged financial elite, this digitization of currencies will be used to devalue the accumulated, unpayable debt through write-downs and inflation, such as what happened in Germany in 1923.
The people and the productive economy itself will be looted. The digitization of currencies can only find useful applications if society is oriented toward the benefit of the common good.
The present effort to establish total control over monetary and fiscal policy, by giving control to the central banks in the framework of the “Great Reset” and imposing a Green New Deal, is based on the same fascist principles as the policy of Hitler’s President of the Reichsbank, Hjalmar Schacht, and must be absolutely rejected.
• A global Glass-Steagall banking separation, to end all support for the speculative, investment bank sector and the shutting down of the shadow economy;
•The re-establishment of sovereignty over national currencies;
• The creation of a national bank in every country, and the return of credit creation to sovereign governments;
• The creation of a new credit system in the tradition of the original intention of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Bretton Woods System and of the Non-Aligned Countries in the 1976 Colombo Conference. The primary aim is to increase the living standards of every human being on the planet as the precondition for peace and to overcome all current challenges, such as the pandemic, world famine, and poverty.
• A massive increase in productivity by moving toward new economic platforms based on the commercial use of thermonuclear fusion power and international cooperation in space research and travel.
The fundamental opposition determining our future and that of the generations to come is between a mass surveillance society under the rule of green fascist finance, and a world of detente, entente, and cooperation among all peoples and nations, in the way all humanists have posed the challenge and continue to demand today. We are committed to fighting for it.
This text is being circulated internationally, and readers are called upon to sign it. In 1945, all those who had just lived through fascism and world war said clearly: “Never again!” We are now at the hour of decision: Have we learned anything from history, or are we more immoral than our forefathers?
Click here to add your name to this resolution.

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Help is on the way for understanding Sidney Powell’s Georgia complaint

By Andrea Widburg

One of the biggest problems with 2020’s election fraud is creating an accessible narrative that doesn’t sound like just a mess of disparate statements and studies. Enter Doug Ross, who’s put together an attractive infographic that he describes as “so easy to consume, even Democrats can understand.” Moreover, he’s freely sharing it, so I’m taking advantage of that in this post.

On Wednesday night, Sidney Powell filed a 104-page complaint in Georgia, that pulls together all the allegations we’ve heard about regarding election fraud. The general outlines of the massive election fraud is much the same in all the contested states (Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, etc.). What gives Georgia special urgency is the upcoming runoffs for Georgia’s two Senate seats, which could hand the entire federal government to the Democrats.

At the same time that Powell filed the complaint in Georgia, she filed a companion lawsuit in Michigan. That suit is predicated on the same underlying allegations seen in Georgia – massive election fraud – but relies upon eyewitness and expert testimony unique to Michigan. If you understand the principles behind the lawsuit in Georgia, you’ll also understand what’s taking place in Michigan.

The problem with both lawsuits is that they’re extremely long and assert dozens of facts pointing to three different issues: traditional fraud (cemetery votes, faked ballots), computer fraud (the Dominion voting systems and data manipulation), and executive department overreach that illegally changed voting rules in both states. For each of these categories, the evidence and the applicable law are different.

Both lawsuits also suffer from the fact that Powell and her team had less than two weeks to prepare complaint that would normally take months to finalize. This rush shows up in the fact that the allegations are a bit disorganized and there are typos.

Unsurprisingly, leftists have latched onto these non-substantive problems as proof that the substantiative allegations in the complaints are fallacious. In addition, leftists are doing their usual thing of saying that, because they disagree with the facts, the allegations are therefore old and “discredited” or “debunked” and can be disregarded. This attack from the hard-left Vice News illustrates the point.

Enter Doug Ross. He put together a remarkably clear infographic that, in nine slides, breaks down the different allegations and the core facts supporting them. In his email sharing the infographic Doug generously tells people to “feel free to copy, share, whatever.” I’ve taken him up on that offer:

A big thank you to Doug for an excellent public service.

Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/11/_help_is_on_the_way_for_understanding_sidney_powells_georgia_complaint.html#ixzz6f0c47N3r
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What President Trump should do should he win his second term

Pamela Garber

The morning of Nov. 4 was the de facto start for the second term of the Trump administration. 

That morning, President Trump suspended America’s MAGA pep rally and quieted his cheers about beefing up our military, our economy, and our school history curriculums. A new agenda marking the new second term formed. Voter fraud is now the main topic in frame. To take a quote from Neil Young, (not part of the Trump administration), “there is more to the picture than meets the eye.”

 Identifying all aspects of voter fraud has to be the new agenda of the Trump administration. Leading the country in the mission to secure free and honest voting marks the beginning of President Trump’s second term. Regardless of whether or not this second term continues for four more years, the Trump administration’s second term is taking place now with a demarcation start date of November 4. As with the robustly communicated previous agendas – (securing a China virus vaccine, bringing our troops home, stabilizing foreign relations, energy independence, economic growth, building the wall) the agenda of fighting voter fraud is vital for maintaining our American way of life. Because this new agenda is the foundation for all aspects of our freedom, it’s obvious President Trump is working with every ounce of faith and power within him. His public communication is still transparent, but now terse.

On voter fraud, what will break the status quo now is aggressive exposure. No, not the kind of exposure we learned about within the Oval Office during the Clinton administration, rather this is the urgent needed transparency about how voter fraud is going on. Transparency forces decisive actions. Decisive actions plus transparency equal a chance for the deep state to be held to the same accountability as everyone else. No ballots are more equal than other ballots. 

What is this forceful stream of evidence to cover?  Whistle blower testimonies, professional statistical analysis, and research on the mechanics of the voter machines.

That’s because destroying the ability for the American people to elect their president in the fair process first implemented by our Founding Fathers equals destroying America. America is defined by the process of its presidential election. Without the freedom to elect our leader, all of our other freedoms fall. The day that all of our freedoms fall – the day that we the people can no longer choose our president; is the day we no longer have our America.

Among other corollaries, President Trump must pay particular attention to repairing and restoring our freedom of speech. A by-product of a compromised election is compromised freedom of speech. Compromised freedom of speech becomes a conduit for limited freedom of behavior – as some behaviors (cheering in the streets for Joe Biden, marching to protest police presence, cursing conservative diners) are now more equal than other behaviors (funerals, prayer gatherings and Thanksgiving). Legal actions are defined and redefined according to how behaviors are defined and redefined.

 On the morning of Nov. 4, 2020, the agenda priority deck shuffled. A new card emerged. The card of ‘A Free and Honest Election’ trumps the others in the deck. All other cards are incorporated, linked by the same life force of freedom. Though yet to be given a unique name, perhaps Operation Warped Speed Part Two or Operation MAGA – the Election, this starting point of the second term is appropriate. 

There also is no way to address voter fraud without addressing illegal ties to foreign organizations. There is no way to address illegal ties to foreign organizations without addressing funding. There is no way to address funding without looking at the start and stop points of where the money leaves and ultimately posts. There is no way to address the money without addressing the names attached. The names then lead to agendas – agendas, including, but not limited to globalism, that finally can be hoisted above the radar and measured to logically parse their degree of alignment with the United States Constitution.

President Trump has an ambitious beginning in his second term as the constitution preserver, the fighter, waiting patiently for his day in court, assuming he wins his cases in court. In addition, the largest voter fraud organization that Biden bragged about will be given its time to rise to the surface and into the light of day – in court.

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Why civil disobedience is necessary

M.W. Gail

In an 1848 essay, Henry David Thoreau coined the term ‘civil disobedience’ in regards to his refusal to pay a state poll tax that had been implemented by the U.S. government in order to pay for the Fugitive Slave Law as well as the War with Mexico. He notes that the only people who truly serve their society (patriots, reformers, heroes, and martyrs) resist draconian measures with their consciences and with their acts of peaceful defiance. It should be noted that Thoreau actually went to jail for his protest and did it willingly. It should also be noted that those who engage in civil disobedience, i.e., Rosa Parks, are treated as outcasts, as enemies of society.

Civil disobedience is a means or an attempt to influence a population to accept a dissenting point of view that more than often strays from the norm. For example, in Norton v. Shelby County (1886) it was noted: “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” The act of civil disobedience can range from a peaceful street protest such as the recent protest in the District of Columbia by Americans, protesting a stolen election. No violence was committed except by domestic terrorist groups Antifa/BLM and other miscreants out to do harm.

Thus, if the consent of the governed is removed, say, for a national mask mandate or an onerous tax bill or a violation of the First Amendment, i.e., banning gatherings for Thanksgiving or other peaceful gathering, why should the populace continue to follow such violations of the Constitution. An excellent case in point involves Robby Dinero, a gym owner in New York City who not only defied a violation of his First Amendment by opening his gym, but also ripped up a ticket imposing a $15,000 dollar fine. No violence, but his message of civil disobedience is quite clear: he will not conform to a draconian edict from Governor Andrew Cuomo, as it should be.

Indeed, Americans are masters at utilizing civil disobedience when they have finally had enough and have been pushed to their limit. Here are a few of the more famous acts:

1.  The Boston Tea Party
2.  Martin Luther King Jr.’s March for Jobs and Freedom & the Civil Rights Movement
3.  The Rosa Parks Bus Boycott
4.  The Women’s Suffrage Movement
5.  The Tea Party Movement

There are two common threads running through these and many other acts. The first is that those involved have reached the conclusion that their concerns were being ignored by state or federal governments and that other legal means such as petitions, like the petition to form the state of Jefferson in Northern California, are ignored or dismissed by those in power. Indeed, it can be clearly see today as Americans fought against Obamacare, for example, and while they wrote letters to their congressional representatives, protested, lobbied, and tried to take the fight to the courts only to be told that they, as American Citizens, had “no standing,” and Congress ignored the Will of the People, as we saw.

Second, the people involved were so distressed by the edicts, laws, and/or demands of those in power, that they sacrificed their personal freedom, their personal well-being, and their personal finances by going against the grain and protesting. They went out, in dangerous areas, like MLK’s march or the recent march in D.C., because they believed in truth, justice, and freedom. Not just freedom for themselves but for the population at large.

In conclusion, civil disobedience can be very effective in changing public opinion on an issue, like the Vietnam War, and thus, force a change in governmental policy. Indeed, as a free people, Americans are correct to protest anything that impinges on their Creator-granted liberties, violates the Bill of Rights or the U.S. Constitution. Any laws that are unfair, immoral, or unconstitutional should be protested to the hilt because to obey such laws or acts indicates a moral turpitude of the Government. Thus, to ignore such laws or acts would reveal the abandonment of our responsibility as Americans to pass our rights and freedoms onto the next generation and that in and of itself, is intolerable.

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Time to Abolish Unconstitutional and Useless Mask Mandates

William Sullivan

You have “no constitutional right to walk around without a mask,” says the Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan.  You’ll invariably hear such declarative statements as a line of defense by those who support government mask mandates.  The problem with such statements is that they are a response to the wrong question.

You see, the salient question is not about which individual rights have been so granted by the powers of government (the Founders were clear that God, not government, grants rights to citizens), but about how the powers of government are limited by the Constitution. 

In short, the question is not “does an individual American have the right to walk around without wearing a mask?”  The appropriate question is, “where in the Constitution is the power for the government to coerce Americans to wear masks explicitly defined?”  When framed that way, it should be obvious to even the most dimwitted totalitarian that the truthful answers to both questions are inextricably linked. 

Do Americans have the right to walk around without masks in public spaces?  Without question, they do.  How do we know that?  Because the Constitution does not explicitly grant the government power to institute or enforce laws around masking in public.  Nothing about this is rocket science, but nothing could be more vital to the principle of self-governance.

The federal government clearly has no power to enact or enforce mask mandates.  That much seems clear even to Joe Biden.  Whether state legislatures can craft laws around mask mandates is a bit more of an open question, I’ll admit.  The Tenth Amendment suggests that states wield “powers not delegated to the United States” by the Constitution, while the incorporated “due process clause” of Fourteenth Amendment suggest that the states cannot “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.”  In the most conservative appraisal of this legal landscape, we can conclude that states may technically legislate mask mandates.  However, as mask mandates, like lockdowns, deprive Americans of liberty and individual agency, they cannot be arbitrarily designed, implemented, or enforced.

To put it mildly, when you make dissenting arguments against that government mask mandate that your governor enacted via executive decree (because legislating such a mandate infringing upon your liberty would be too politically difficult to achieve), you couldn’t be on firmer legal ground. 

Even at the state level, these mask mandates can often be proven unconstitutional.  Gavin Newsom, for example, has been rebuked by a superior court for dozens of new executive orders issued earlier this month.  The Court determined that Newsom “overstepped his authority” by engaging in an “unconstitutional exercise of legislative power.”

But, in case you haven’t noticed, any legal impediments to the government’s seizure of power don’t matter to the angry mask mavens who demand nothing less than your unconditional compliance.

For them, the masks are a matter of life and death.  You’ve undoubtedly even witnessed some of them drawing and quartering some ridiculous straw man, as the aforementioned Governor Larry Hogan did, comparing my walking in a supermarket without a mask to someone pounding a fifth of Jack Daniels and getting behind the wheel of a car.  You have “no constitutional right to drive drunk,” and thus, we have laws demanding that you don’t drive drunk, he argues.  Why can’t we have laws demanding that you don’t walk around a grocery store without a rag covering your face?

It’s an utterly insane comparison. 

First of all, contracting COVID and being struck by a drunk driver on the highway result in wildly different outcomes.  Do we really need to be clarifying this in, ostensibly, the most educated America that has ever existed?  If most Americans get COVID, they have a 99.98-percent chance of surviving the incident.

Second, there are mountains of evidence that drunkenness monumentally impairs motor skills and that drivers, so impaired, represent a high level of life-threatening danger to themselves and others.  The evidence is so strong in favor of that contention, in fact, that there’s not a single convincing shred of dissent against it.  On the other hand, to say the evidence for the efficacy of wearing cloth masks is scant is as much an understatement as saying the Mariana Trench has a bit of depth to it. 

Americans were marvelously struck to find that a new Danish study all but proves that masking is useless.  But the real marvel is that Americans managed to be struck by this.  Until a few months ago, this fact was common knowledge among our countrymen, the inherited wisdom earned from a masking craze that took hold in the Spanish flu epidemic.  Seemingly overnight, we’d forgotten what accepted scientific evidence had shown us for a century: that masks don’t do much to help slow or limit respiratory viral spread.

The evidence that this year’s reversal of scientific consensus is flawed exists all around us.  Mask adherence is quite high in America and has been since at least the summer.  Perhaps that’s why states with mask mandates do not fare any betterthan states without mask mandates.  But beyond that correlation, the only other significant conclusion to be drawn, as positive tests explode around the country, is that all this masking hasn’t been the panacea we have all been promised by politicians and public health officials. 

But what masks lack in practical efficacy, they make up for in political virtue.  Not only do they serve as a constant public reminder that the deadliest plague in our lifetimes is among us (this is simply and provably untrue) and that your family and neighbors are the vectors, but they are a sign of your absolute submission to the technocratic status quo. 

It is hard to see what has happened this year as anything other than a desperate scheme for control by totalitarian progressives.  Consider how we’ve witnessed the dominoes fall. 

When this year began, few Americans could have even imagined that their government could tell them that they couldn’t have customers in their stores, or that they couldn’t leave their homes, unless they’re doing either for “essential” purposes.  After all, what business does your government have in determining that your restaurant or small business, which couldn’t be more “essential” for your family and those you employ, is insufficiently necessary in your community or for your own life and liberty?

But we accepted two weeks of lockdowns to flatten the curve.  Then a few months.  Then, if you’d just “wear the damn mask,” life could get back to normal.  We did that, too.  But life continues to be anything but normal.  They’re still demanding lockdowns while also demanding masks and telling Americans how their holiday celebrations must be tailored to the commands of public health officials, local tyrants, and dictatorial governors.

Eighty-two percent of Americans believe they can individually assess and manage the risk of COVID, in spite of public health officials’ assurances that they can’t.  It’s time we assert our liberty and abolish these unconstitutional and useless mask mandates.  While we’re at it, we should also abolish the technocratic status quo that we’ve seen usurp levels of power never before seen in America.

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Conservatives must stop quitting before the battle is over!

Peggy Ryan

America is on the verge of sanctioning a socialist takeover of the greatest government ever established on the face of the Earth.

What are we doing about it?  Are we in solidarity with our president, or are we tacitly admitting defeat in the midst of the battle?  Are conservatives who criticize the president’s legal team, as Rush Limbaugh did, helping the president or the insurgents?  Are those who say Georgia is now our only hope, the Senate our last chance, encouraging patriots or the enemy?  The subliminal message is that we’ve already lost the White House, so the Senate is all we have left.

Why do so many feel defeated in the middle of the fight?  For years, Americans have been beaten down, victims of emotional and psychological abuse by media.  With continuous abuse, many succumb to learned helplessness, where an individual who “continuously faces a negative, uncontrollable situation stops trying to change [his] circumstances.”  In other words, they give up. 

The media’s abuse is wide-ranging, and their weapon of choice is gaslighting.  They tell us we can’t believe our own eyes.  Hillary did nothing wrong; there was no RussiaGate conspiracy to remove the president.  Don’t believe stories of Bidenusing his son for money-laundering and kickbacks — not even if you’ve watched the video of Biden demanding a quid pro quo from Ukraine.

They gaslight us with polls to reinforce the coming election fraud.  Polls are not only wrong, but ridiculous — Hillary a 15-point  lead, Biden 15 points again, yet Trump trounced Hillary and, without fraud, Biden.  They use polls to tell us what to think: “the majority of Americans don’t believe there was voter fraud”; therefore, neither should we. 

One form of gaslighting, projection, is why we’re screaming at our TV’s, “That’s what they do.”  The president’s been accused of interfering in an election, colluding with Russia, and extorting Ukraine, all crimes of the left. 

These daily beatings inevitably take the fight out of Trump-supporters.  Learned helplessness leads to a passive response to tyranny, a reluctance to actively engage the enemy.  Add a cacophony of voices telling us to stand down: 

  • We’re told to stand down and trust the press to safeguard our democracy.  They’ve been our watchdog for centuries; they’ll sound the alarm if our government comes under attack. 
  • We’re told to stand down and trust the system.  Our republican form of government has withstood the test of time.  The checks and balances of our system will fend off any attempt to defeat our republic, will survive any attack. 
  • We’re told to stand down and trust our elected government.  Though many if not most of these government officials have sold us out, are working with the enemy, they’ll come through when our Constitution is under attack. 
  • We’re told to stand down and “trust the plan.”  QAnon’s unwavering message is for his followers to blindly trust the plan, to limit our resistance to internet memes, to act as digital soldiers rather than the real thing. 

The overall message is to surrender.  But we don’t need to stand down, America; we need to step up.  We have to start with these drunk-on-power governors.  They have no right to issue, much less enforce unconstitutional orders.  And we don’t need to wait on courts to set us free.  It’s already done with the Constitution and ruled on by the Supreme Court. 

Norton vs. Shelby County, 118 US 425, 442: “An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” 

Stand up to tyranny today.  Show these governors we are still free American citizens.  The people in the video below show Americans exercising their constitutional rights: the guy’s ready to go to jail, will suck up a fine, because either is a small price to pay for liberty.

So tell your governors to pound sand on their fake orders.  Then tell them we will not accept a fake election.  The Stop the Steal movement is working day and night to stop the takeover.  Join them.  Do it today. 

Though we’re made to believe a large part of the country is for Biden, they’re not.  In fact, a small group including governors, election officials, and judges are pushing this farce.  But they’ve mapped it out, put their people in the right places to stall.  And now time is on their side. 

But I refuse to believe that even if they stall long enough to keep us from overturning state results, we as a people will accept a socialist takeover without a peep.  We’re not an abused wife who stays with her husband because she doesn’t think she can change the outcome.  We are Americans, and as of now, we are free.  We’d better damn well exercise that freedom before these people who steal our votes, who rule us with lockdowns, rule us permanently. 

We have one shot to stop these people — not the Georgia races, not 2022 or 2024.  We have got to protect our vote; it’s the foundation of our republic.  If we let corrupt, evil people take our government because they mastered the cheat, there will be no tomorrow for America.  Our republic will have died. 

On every unauthoritative exercise of power by the legislature must the people rise in rebellion or their silence be construed into a surrender of that power to them. —Thomas Jefferson

It’s time to act, fill the streets, march on every corrupt thug standing in freedom’s way.  Take back our country.

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We Needed the Result We Got

By Rodney O. Willis

There are two elections the Democrats have never gotten over:  Bush v. Gore, and Trump v. Clinton. 

In the 2000 Bush v. Gore election, all eyes were focused on Florida and the drama over hanging chads and butterfly ballots.  Republicans believed that election officials in predominantly Democrat counties in south Florida were engaged in small-scale election fraud by fabricating illegal ballots.  In turn, Democrats believed that the Republicans were using their state officials and the Supreme Court to throw out legal ballots.  “Disenfranchised” was the word of the year.

In the 2016 Trump v. Clinton election, it became clear on election night that Hillary had gotten swept in an electoral rout by President Trump.  Democrats were dumbfounded, wrestling with how a crass political neophyte could defeat “the smartest woman in the world.”  Two brutal defeats were enough to push the Democrats toward a new strategy.

Small-scale fraud would not work in 2020 — only large-scale, industrial strength, systematic fraud would ensure an electoral victory.  It appears that Joe Biden wasn’t kidding when he said they had put together the most “inclusive voter fraud” operation.

On election night 2020, most Republicans went to bed feeling very confident about the outcome of the election.  The leads were so great, that no amount of chicanery would upset the balance, or so they thought.  Instead, Republicans woke up the next morning to find that all the leads had completely evaporated — and in very suspicious ways.  The realization hit hard.  The Democrats had really done it — they had gone all in to make sure Trump lost.

In the aftermath of this election, it is clear that no election will ever be the same again.  The level of distrust can hardly be measured.  The level of anger is palpable.  The desire for revenge is formidable.  Every future election will be contested; every outcome will be doubted.

But what if Trump had prevailed?  What would have happened if the voter turnout was so overwhelming that it had overcome the Democrats’ attempts at stealing the election?  Would we not just be overjoyed that we “dodged a bullet”?  Would we not just celebrate the victory while paying lip service to “preserving the integrity of our election?”  After all, did any significant reform take place after the 2000 election?

It was inevitable that at some point the Democrats would master the art of the steal, and America would be left speechless at the breadth and depth of the maniacal machine that pulled it off.  It’s one thing to lose fairly on a level playing field and with unchanging rules.  It’s quite another to lose through outright villainy to a man whom history will likely show to be the most corrupt person to run for President.

This election result might just be the result we needed to save our democracy.

The 2020 election revealed three very real dangers to our democracy.

The first danger is the media.  They cannot be trusted.  Their credibility has long been suspect, but they are little more than a Democrat PR firm.  They not only refused to call out Joe Biden on his corruption, but actively suppressed any stories relating to it.  Going forward, the so-called “fourth branch” can no longer consist of just the officially recognized journalists.  They must forever be supplanted by citizen journalists who will disseminate information through means outside the control of the government and corporations.  Americans have a right to hear all sides to all stories.

The second danger is the Corporation.  Once the backbone of American industry and a symbol of pride for our nation, the American executive class has taken on the role that was once the domain of despotic governments — social monitors and censors.  It’s not just big tech, although they are the most egregious, but big finance and big media, too. PayPal regularly “deplatforms” legal and legitimate businesses for the crime of being conservative.   Under the Obama administration’s “Operation Choke Point,” banks like SunTrust closed the accounts of gun stores simply because they sold guns. This cancer is spreading to all fields.  These companies are banning businesses and individuals for failing to comply with the left’s agenda.  This must be stopped.  We must break these companies and restore individual liberty and the freedom of expression without fear of reprisal.

The final danger is this:  the system of elections is controlled by the elected.  The process of obtaining power is operated by those already in power. We the people must assert our authority over our most sacred right for the sake of ourselves and our posterity.  If we cannot do so, then future elections will be nothing more than communist-style charades giving the illusion of democracy over the fist of tyranny. 

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What the Election Will Come Down To

By David Solway

We need to begin with what most people almost surely know, despite the predictable disclaimers and pro forma expressions of doubt emerging all over the infoscape, namely, the 2020 election is in process of being stolen in what amounts to an insidiously deceptive coup d’état. It is fair to assume that this is common knowledge.

The circumstantial evidence is dispositive. 

  • Biden was rarely able to manage a rally of more than a dozen or two stalwarts while Trump’s rallies could top 50,000; 
  • Biden garnered more votes than even Obama did, a sublime unlikelihood; 
  • the media called for Biden when Trump was comfortably ahead in the ballot count; 
  • a sudden and nigh-miraculous manna drop of late-arriving ballots in the wee hours tilted the scale for Biden; 
  • the virtual expulsion of Republican scrutineers at the voting booths and the obstruction by State authorities of monitored recounts;
  • and the use of Dominion voting systems allegedly calibrated to favor Biden and erase Trump. 

Veteran lawyer Robert Kirk is convinced that the facts are 

“…the kind and quality of substantial evidence, which, if presented to a jury, would easily result in a unanimous verdict by all twelve jurors, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the re-election of Donald J. Trump was stolen through the use of the Dominion voting software systems installed in states throughout our country.” 

The so-called system “glitches” privileging Biden turn out to constitute an unmistakable pattern, a veritable constellation of effects.Moreover, the contest is far from over and the kraken has yet to be released.

Reviewing the reams of evidence available to date, Joe Hoft at Gateway Pundit rehearses the obvious: “Within the first 24 hours after the election we knew it was stolen. President Trump sets the record for the most votes ever and somehow the guy in the basement who is quickly failing in intellectual abilities…somehow broke the all-time vote record to beat the President’s win.”

Naturally, much has been made of the media-hyped imbroglio between lawyer Sidney Powell and the President. While the fissure is obviously troubling, adverse or gloating commentary sits in the realm of pure speculation. For all we know, the breach between the two legal teams may argue a strategy to damp down criticism of Powell as “unhinged,” reflecting poorly on Trump, or perhaps to prepare for a pincer movement in deposing evidence before adjudicating bodies. Time will tell.

Additionally, as Andrea Widburg points out, Trump’s approval of U.S. General Services administrator Emily Murphy’s decision to make resources available to the Biden transition team does not imply surrender, but a signal that “he is not some madman determined to stay hunkered down in the White House.” Rather, it is a wise tactical move “tak[ing] the wind out of the sails of every person who asserts that he is acting as a nascent tyrant. It’s the Obamas of this world, not the Trumps, who makes their successor’s transition a nightmare.”

When all is said and done, the outcome of an irremediably tainted election will come down to two critical factors: The Supreme Court and the military. If Trump does not have the military behind him, his disadvantage will likely be terminal. There can then be no question of invoking the Insurrection Actshould it become necessary or that licit arrests on grounds of treason can even be contemplated.

If the Supreme Court refuses to hear the case or agrees to consider it but concludes there is not sufficient evidence to validate Trump’s deposition, the election will be over, Trump will have lost, and America will head down the road to the installation of a totalitarian socialist regime — what Trump promised he would never allow. It will make no difference whether Biden packs the court or not, for it will already have semaphored its weakness, its inherent lack of juridical integrity, and its ultimately quixotic nature. Republican and Democrat alike would know that fraud so massive that it is practically incalculable had demonstrably occurred, and that no one in authority, including the Supreme Court, would want to confront a political cataclysm and ignite the wrath and violence of a ruthlessly aggressive and homicidal Left.

The argument would be that civil unrest must be avoided at all costs and that it is preferable to turn a blind eye to electoral theft than to preside over the fracturing of the nation and the abrogation of the civil contract. The argument, of course, would be disingenuous, self-serving and cowardly, the ultimate sophistry. For the nation is already fractured, the civil contract has effectively ceased to exist, and the corruption has gone so deep that, if it is not met head-on and scoured clean, there would be no nation remaining whose civil character could be assumed to exist. The electoral malady would have been fatal.

But the Fat Lady has not yet begun to warble. There has been some encouragingnews just breaking. The Supreme Court has announced that three conservative justices, Amy Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and Samuel Alito, have been assigned to oversee circuit court cases in key swing states. The Court has now become profoundly involved. What this may augur for the future is another matter.

I have met people who agree that the election has indeed been stolen and approve of the theft — anything to get Trump out of the White House is legitimate. In their books vice is the higher virtue, the ends justify the means and a statistically improbable, pre-determined result is to be applauded irrespective of how it may violate conscience and ethical principle, a sentiment shared by millions, which does not make it any less immoral. A lie is a lie and the truth is the truth, no matter how we scumble the picture. As noted, any reasonable person suspects, almost to a practical certainty, that a gargantuan electoral swindle is happening before their very eyes, and the same is surely true of committed Democrats. Honor among thieves may be the greatest dishonor imaginable. They do not care. The arc of injustice bends toward a desired conclusion.


The Noble Metals: Hard Money and the 79th Element

Marin Katusa

We’ve all heard the macroeconomic arguments in favor of owning gold.  Today I want to talk about the scientific (chemical) reasons that separate gold from all of the other metals in the periodic table.

First, gold is inert, which means it’s very inactive. It does not react with oxygen like iron does (think rust).

That makes gold an excellent store of value.

If all the elements in the periodic table were characters in a reality TV show, gold would easily be the most boring.

Why? Because gold is inert. It doesn’t hook up with anyone.

Yes, gold is the ultimate celibate element.

Let me explain why this is important—chemically speaking.

The Alchemist’s History of Hard Money

There are 118 elements in the periodic table, of which gold is one.

Take away the 17 gases (gases are of no value for this exercise).

Also remove the six metalloids, which are elements that don’t know whether they are metals or non-metals since they have traits of both (e.g., antimony, arsenic, silicon).

Thus, we end up with ninety-five elemental metal contestants on our Currency Reality Show.

Note: For the chemistry nerds among us, I don’t count Oganesson and antimony as metals—call me old school. There are ninety-five metal elements in the periodic table.

Of the ninety-five metals in the periodic table, eighty-five are “active.” This means they are fun to watch on our reality TV show because they are always hooking up with other elements.

But remember that activity always results in oxidation or corrosion.

If you want a metal for long-term storage value, you don’t want it to change. You want it to hold its own, maintain its integrity, and not degrade.

Iron, for example, has many useful applications, but it oxidizes and then rusts. Iron is active, and it would be fun to watch its decay on a reality TV show for entertainment value.

But it’s bad if you want to use it as a currency. The coinage will rust away. And the last thing you want is a metal that debases itself.

Politicians and central bankers don’t need any help doing that; they do a wonderful job of debasing currency on their own.

The Noble Metals – Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium…

So that leaves us with what are known as the “noble” metals. Just like there are noble gases (noble meaning “inert”), these metals are not active.

I want you to think of the noble metals as the royalty of all metals. They don’t interact with the peasants—the other elements on the periodic table that are always “interacting” with others and debasing themselves.

The noble metals in chemistry are the following:

  • Copper,
  • Silver,
  • Gold,
  • Platinum,
  • Palladium,
  • Ruthenium, Rhodium, Osmium, and Iridium.

Historically, copper, silver, and gold have been known as the coinage metals. And scientists deem these three the “real” noble metals because of their electronic structure.

Copper does react with oxygen, which is where the Statue of Liberty got its bluish-green color.

But the result of copper interacting with oxygen is not corrosion, like rust. It’s the exact opposite. The process is called “passivation,” and the bluish-green color is actually a layer of protection that protects the copper from natural debasement.

That is why copper is included in the noble metals. It does “interact,” but it doesn’t corrode. This interaction acts as a protective barrier for the copper but changes its appearance.

Silver is a bit kinky, too. It reacts with sulfide gas in the atmosphere, which causes it to look tarnished.

Removing the tarnish is natural debasement. Every time you polish the silver to get rid of the tarnish, you will be removing some silver, thus debasing it.

The remaining noble metals just aren’t practical for use as a store of value.

Not only are they hard to smelt and difficult to work with, but they are also too scarce in nature to be able to meet the need as a store of value.

And they all look kind of ugly. Think silver, but without the sexiness and brightness.

A blah gray is what the platinum group of noble metals look like. 

In fact, all the metals on the periodic table of elements except copper and gold are a variation of gray. Silver is at least a sexy version of gray. The rest are just variations of a dull gray.Recommended LinkWant to Protect Your Savings as the Fed’s Money Printing Goes into Overdrive?There’s a massive increase in currency creation and inflation taking place all around the world. It’s clear there is a war being waged on savers and retirees.

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So That Leaves Us With Gold…

Gold’s beautiful color is not only unique on the periodic table, but it also will not change. Gold doesn’t mess with the peasant metals or with the other nobles. Gold does not react with any other element.

And ultimately, that is why gold will always be the king of all metals—and the currency of kings.

Everyone loves gold. Nobody dreams of winning a bronze medal at the Olympics. It’s the gold medal they want! There are thousands of analogies engrained in our subconscious, passed down to us through our families and societies, why gold is the king of metals.

And it’s the only metal that serves its purpose as the best store of value.

Gold Market Update

As I have written several times over the past few months, I did not expect gold to be a one-way trip.

Gold has risen 47 percent, or $600 per ounce, in fewer than two years. Taking some time to consolidate before moving higher is important.

In Katusa’s Resource Opportunities, we’ve highlighted three resistance points above $1,900 per ounce that gold needed to hold above, which it failed to do so.

In addition, $1,900 per ounce was a line in the sand, which gold has broken below.

In the graph below, you can see that the red trendline remains intact and has acted as resistance since August.

So what’s going on?

The USD continues to play its role in the price of gold.

On the heels of enormous stimulus packages, the USD has faced high-short sales pressures. The graph below shows the current USD positioning.

According to the CFTC, over 9,000 contracts are currently short the USD.

This has only happened two other times since 2014. Both times, the USD has subsequently experienced a sharp rally.

A rally in the USD would be a headwind for short-term gold prices.

Regardless, I expect the gold market to remain volatile over the coming weeks.

Make no mistake; you can use this volatility to your advantage.

If the USD rallies and takes the wind out of the supercharged gold and silver markets, are you prepared?

Back in Q2 of this year, there were screaming bargains in some of the best companies in the resource world.

Subscribers and I were prepared, picking up world-class companies and stocks in price swings that a junior or small-cap company normally sees.

In markets exactly like you see today, it’s important that you know which stocks you’re holding are liquid – and which ones are illiquid.

We are not even halfway through the share-printing spree that resource companies (explorers and developers) went on. These companies are giving central bankers a run for their money (printing).Editor’s Note: Doug Casey and Marin Katusa just released an urgent video which outlines exactly how they’re positioned to profit from a rare opportunity in the gold market.

Trump’s Last Hurrah?

There seems to be a quasi consensus that Trump will not prevail and that Biden and Harris will get into the White House no matter what. To my surprise, even the Russian media seems to be considering that the Trump presidency is over.

Yet, I am not so sure at all.


Because at this point in time, I think that it would fair to conclude that anybody actually willing to look at what has been revealed by this election will have to agree that this election was stolen, rigged, falsified – chose your expression – and that going to the courts to challenge this obscene miscarriage of the democratic process is a fundamental civil right and something which any democrat (small “d”) should support.

And yet, because we live in a media-created pseudo-reality in which absolutely crucial things like the rule of law seem to have become secondary to ideological imperatives, no matter how extreme, there are those who simply refuse to see the obvious. Yes, the 9/11 false flag trained the western societies well and many now simply lack the lucidity and courage to face reality.

Courts, however, are bound by the rule of law, at least in theory, and don’t have the luxury to simply pretend like crucial evidence presented to them simply does not exist.

True, the lower, state, courts are unlikely to resist the pressure put upon them to come up with the “right” conclusions, but never say never – all it takes is one single principled judge and Trump or, more accurately, the Giuliani team, might get the break they need. Still, it is pretty obvious that Giuliani’s real hopes are with the Supreme Court. This makes sense, local judges are much easy to influence and sway than Supreme Court Justices who are unassailable and who realize that they will make history, the only question being is: how till they go down in history books, as a “profile in courage” or as impotent cowards who betrayed their oath?

I will say that I am, to put it mildly, not impressed by Trump’s demeanor during these crucial days: he completely ceded the narrative to his opponents (a couple of incoherent and poorly phrased “tweets” do not qualify). True, Trump never displayed the qualities of a real leader, so this is hardly surprising.

Giuliani, however, is a tough SOB and he seems to be determined to take this fight right up to the Supreme Court. This is why I believe that it is very dangerous to make any assumptions about what the Justices might or might not do. Is it possible that even the Supreme Court justices would betray their oath and cave in to the Dem’s pressure? Yes, I suppose so. Concepts such as truth, honor, integrity, courage and heroism are very much out of fashion in the modern world, especially in the US. This is why the traditionally hallowed term “hero” is applied left and right to every bureaucrat or civil servant simply doing his/her job: realheroes are long gone.

Then consider this: if the SC sides with Trump and overturns the hundred of thousands of illegal votes, the US will be immediately plunged into an orgy of chaos and violence, all of it encouraged and coordinated by the legacy corporate ziomedia à la CNN. The thugs of Antifa/BLM will immediately engage in Kristallnacht-like rampages in “protest” against the “racist system”. Their main target? White, Christian, males, of course!

Some justices might even feel torn between standing up for what is both legal and moral and the practical considerations of the consequences of an adjudication in Trump’s favor. Their oath ought to be their guiding principles, but considering how often the SC voted along party/ideological lines in the past, I am not very confident that the Justices will strictly do the only legally and morally right thing: uphold the law and vote their conscience.

Finally, whatever we may think of the election itself, it is obvious that the US elites have created the appearance of a fait accompli, hence the kind of nonsense like, say, Biden and his “Office of the President Elect”. It is therefore reasonable to assume that even if the Supreme Court fully sides with the Trump campaign, the US elites will never accept this. They will try to find a way to impeach, legally or otherwise, those Justices who voted “wrong”.

I think that there is also another consideration which we have to remain aware of: Trump’s entire presidency is been one long and never ending prostitution of the United States to the desires and whims of Netanyahu and his gang of thugs. True, as Israel Shamir pointed out, the Israelis failed to deliver anything in return to Trump. And yet, as Philip Giraldi recently explained, Trump is still very much Israel’s prostitute, which is why there are an increasing number of Israeli experts (see here and here) who believe that Trump might strike at Iran as a “farewell” present to the Israelis.

Is that really possible? Could Trump really do something so crazy?

You betcha he could!

One one hand, I have always maintainedthat Trump is the Zionists’ “disposable president”, meaning a one term president who will do everything the Likudniks want of him and who will then be jettisoned and replaced by a truly “kosher president” like Biden/Harris. On the other hand, however, there is the precedent of the US meekly taking the Iranian missile attacks in retaliation for the murder of General Soleimani which seems to indicate that the Pentagon just does not have the stomach for a full-scale war against Iran.

So which will it be?

Nobody knows. The only thing we can be sure of is that we are certainly entering very dangerous times.

Those who hope that a Biden/Harris presidency might be better are deeply deluded.


Because, as many have already pointed this out, even if Trump is ejected from the White House, “Trumpism”, as an ideology, is here to stay. Even if you believe that Biden/Harris beat Trump in a fair election, surely must you still realize that there are tens of millions of Americans who feel that the election was stolen and that Biden/Harris are usurpers.

Personally, I take a very dim view of “Trumpism”, but whatever its (many) flaws, this ideology, however vague, has “redpilled” millions of Americans who now realize that they are living in a fake democracy or, to use a Russian expression, “democracy” in the US only means “power of the Democrats”. Simply put: we can call them “1%ers” or the “US Nomenklatura” or the “deep state” or whatever other term which comes to mind, but the bottom line is obvious: the US is not a democracy or a republic, it is a dictatorship of the few over the many, the “best democracy money can buy” and a system based not on one man one vote, but one dollar one vote. Whether they realize it or not, most Americans are serfs of an occupying parasitic regime which sees them solely as a (cheap) commodity.

These ideas used to be corralled into what the Ziomedia liked to call the “extremist fringe” but now millions of Americans are becoming aware of this reality, CNN & Co notwithstanding. Put the Biden/Harris ticket into the White House and millions of people will go into some kind of “resistance mode” – whether that be political activism, civil resistance, local/state insubordination to the Federal power or even armed resistance.

One of the top priorities of the Dems in power will be to crack down, hard, on the First and Second Amendments to the US Constitution. Right there we can expect a lot of local/regional/state resistance because, unlike their ruling “elites” (i.e. masters), most Americans passionately care for what are really the cornerstones of the US political system. Yes, there is a reason why the Founding Fathers placed the First Amendment in first position and the Second one right after!

The Dems will castrate the First Amendment through their control of all the major Internet platforms (YouTube, Google, FaceBook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.) and, since this will not be government censorship, at least technically, but decisions of the private sector, even the ACLU will have nothing to say about this.

The Second Amendment will be trickier to deal with, because there is no private or non-governmental institution which can do to the Second Amendment what big tech companies have done to the First one. However, all it takes is a few well-orchestrated “shootings” or any armed refusal to be disarmed, and the label “domestic terrorist” will be swiftly applied to those who dared to resist Uncle Shmuel.

Again – we are about to enter an extremely dangerous period, both inside the US and on the international front.

Trump’s handlers must realize that the AngloZionist Empire is already finished and that all that’s left is an agonizing United States. The same probably goes for the Biden/Harris handlers. Hence both parties have a huge interest in, first, creating some crisis which can distract from what is really going on and, second, in using whatever power they still have to “fire their last shells” before the ammo box goes empty.

Conclusion: too many variables to call it

The truth is that absolutely anything can happen next. There are simply way too many variables to try to make a prediction. Will Trump attack Iran? I want to believe that this ship has sailed, but I will never say never to something as evil and stupid as an attack on Iran. However, under pretty much any scenario, we can be pretty sure that come January there will be a power vacuum in the Executive and roughly half of all Americans will consider that the election has been stolen. That kind of power vacuum, or even a duopoly, is very dangerous and typically results in even more chaos and violence. Eventually, some kind of “tough” regime comes to power. But this is a threat that we can discuss further down the road.